About us

Skynet Global Vision Limited is a company established in 2017 and acting under the laws of the United Kingdom. We provide ultra-high-resolution satellite imagery with enhanced data modelling and analysis solutions, processed with its remote sensing data of submeter resolution (0.5 m).

Skynet Global Vision Limited is an Authorized Reseller to Spacewill Info Co. Ltd., the operator and provider of the SuperView and GaoFen high resolution imaging satellites. SGVL has obtained an Authorized Certificate, which allows our company to distribute satellite imageries of the abovementioned satellites worldwide. Moreover, based on our agreements with Spacewill, we also have a right and opportunity to provide data from other Satellites.  More info on Satellites.

With an active participation and help of Skynet.Vision, Ukrainian Ground Receiving Station has been modernized. As a result, we are now able to directly receive the data from satellites to a Ukrainian Ground Station and conduct automatic processing to different levels.

Processed satellite imageries can be applied in a number of various fields, such as spatial development, agriculture, infrastructure, environmental protection, crisis management etc.  See Our Services.

Highly qualified technician specialists from National Space Facilities Control and Test Center of Ukraine, our partner organization, will conduct satellite data processing according to customer requests.  Download a list of services.

Our Competitive Advantages:

Speed. We process and deliver Satellite data as fast as our customer require and always on time

Quality. SuperView-1 is the first commercial 0.5 m HR Satellite Constellation.

Low price. We suggest to our Customers the lowest price on the modern market

Skynet Global Vision’s team in cooperation with our partners are able to satisfy our clients’ requirements and provide them with high-resolution satellite imagery and thematic materials.

in order to have a global and detailed vision of our planet!

Our Mission:

To provide the most available in the world operational data of remote sensing submetrical identification (0.5 m) and up-to-date information services on their basis.

Our Vision:

To make the remote sensing products accessible to everyone and create a basic tool for decision-making in businesses and public administration, based on low prices and high-quality services.